Easter greetings from Ardèche

Sail butterfly

Photographed this morning:
Beautiful sail butterfly on the blue pillow next to our entrance.

Work is progressing well in the house and yard. On Good Friday, which is only a church holiday in France, France Télécom laid the Internet and telephone line, including a new mast, to the house in the fourth attempt. Everything was done in two hours. Top – clean work of the craftsmen. And in addition the free delivery of the old mast in our yard. 🙂

We are very happy that things are moving forward. Now we just need to make a passage through the 1-meter thick wall so that our landline phone can finally go live at the beginning of May.

Another highlight of the week is undoubtedly our tomato and eggplant pricking out campaign. After the 1,400 degradable plant pots from Fertil arrived, there was no stopping us: in bright sunshine, we pricked 300 plants. Almost piecework in front of a dream scenery.

Since the foil tunnel and greenhouse were no longer there when we moved in and are now unfortunately no longer available to us, a large unplanned investment is due. The planning for a large tomato roof is in progress.

Nature is waking up and breaking through.

A few impressions of spring in the Ardèche:

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for their loyal companionship, lively interest, and all forms of support. This means a lot to us, and we are extremely grateful and happy about it.

Blessed and peaceful Easter holidays to all!

Heike & Andreas

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