Frieda’s explorations and other events.

Flowering crocus and fossilized shell

Finally, the much-awaited auger from the locksmith’s shop MWS-Apel am Harz has arrived at our place and has its premiere on our future berry and fruit field.

The new auger during its first test run.

With this earth auger, we will lure the roots of our trees and bushes into the depth with a mixture of gravel drainage and black soil. We hope that this will completely eliminate the need for artificial irrigation and still allow the trees to grow large and strong.

Around us, in spite of occasional snow and cold, in nature is already stirring the first blooming renewal.

Under the pruned grapevines by the barn, we have created a small flower bed and Heike has planted flower bulbs. Across from it, the freshly planted hops are starting to grow.

Through our collaborative discussions, the planning for our west terrace has matured. The implementation will still require time, physical effort, and equipment. Oleanders and glossy medlar from our old home have already found their place there.

While the winter has also given us another brief interlude, we are planning the interior design of the gîte with the expert help of Florian Hartmann from Denkendorf. We are so happy about the professional support from Florian.

Gîte - interior design in draft
Gîte – interior design in draft

After Frieda has pushed more and more to go outside, we have dared in the fifth week in the afternoon with success small first explorations with her. This was highly emotional and exciting for everyone, but we are very happy about how well it works.

Frieda explores her new environment

In the meantime, Frieda is exploring the farm, barn, garden, and pasture on her own during the day. We’re looking forward to installing the cat flap soon so that Frieda can move around freely.

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