First steps on new ground

View towards Le Portier

After the stacks of boxes reduce and we slowly begin to settle in, we take our first steps in our immediate surroundings.

Under the bright sunshine, Andreas has trimmed vines and olive trees on the house facade. The pruned materials will be used for the permaculture of the berry bushes.

Olives trees and grapevines on the facade.
Olives trees and grapevines on the facade.

Together, the relocated summer lilac (butterfly bushes) and rosemary were planted.

summer lilac
Freshly planted summer lilac
and the rosemary

Heike planted the old zinc tub from Urach times with lettuce seedlings, chives and parsley. Below purely branches from the cuttings were put, on it straw from the former horse stable, then partially rotted manure from the sheep pen and this finally neatly covered with earth.

planted zinc bathtub
planted zinc bathtub

And Frieda received a Holunder-stem extension for her scratching post made from tree clippings (including live inhabitants such as ants and wood beetles 😉 ).

Scratching tree
Frieda’s new cat tree

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