Jardin de Ferme – Project Description

Le Portier

Our project is called “Jardin de Ferme,” which means “Farm Garden” in English.

With our move to the Ardèche region, a new, major chapter in our lives begins. The theme of our project is:

Living in harmony with oneself, every counterpart, and nature – consciously and sustainably in every respect.

In 2023, we plan to have two vacation apartments where we will welcome tourists, hikers, and guests.

We want to continue and further develop the work of the previous owners to the best of our ability. We want to switch to permaculture farming and gradually transform the pasture into a meadow with fruit trees planted in it.

In the farm garden, fruit and vegetables are grown for self-sufficiency and the production of local products. On the pastures that are being transformed into meadows, rare and endangered fruit trees are grown as high trunk in order to preserve the gene pool of these valuable varieties.

We will start our farm sale with the first products from the garden and kitchen. From the fruit harvest, we will produce marmalade, juices, and cider for local marketing.

The nearby forest provides wood for heating and hot water as well as the planned bread oven. In addition, biochar is produced from the remaining wood for the black soil (Terra Preta) needed in the garden.

In the new bread and pizza oven, bread, rolls, tarts, etc. will be baked for our own use and to order in the future.

To meet our own egg needs and for pest control in the garden, we will have chickens on the farm. Valuable, endangered sheep and goats will tend the pastures and meadows, preserving the beautiful cultural landscape of the Ardèche region.

Our co-inhabitants on the farm – goats, sheep, and chickens – will be an important part of our educational concept and a very valuable component in the encounter with our guests.

In the future, the wastewater will be treated in such a way that it is available for irrigation of our vegetable and fruit crops.

In the coming years, we will transform the terrain into the typical terraced slopes of the Ardèche region. This will improve the quality and water balance of the soil, enabling the sustainable and abundant use of the land.

In addition to the year-round grazing by goats and sheep, a portion of the pasture is needed to provide biomass for permaculture and to make black soil. The existing sources will be developed and, through irrigation, protect the cultivation areas from drought.

In the midst of beautiful, dreamy nature, an extraordinary place is being created. People of different ages and backgrounds can meet and interact with each other and with nature.

Our shared dream is to live and work on an alpine farm or a farm in the mountains. We want to make this dream a reality here. We, Heike and Andreas, work in consulting and as coaches. A large part of this is currently online work. A long search and many good encounters have led us here.

In the future, we want to concentrate our life and work at this location, without giving up our international network. We look forward to exchanging with hikers, guests, and the people on site.

Jardin de ferme – house and garden

Heike will be responsible for accommodation, catering, and processing of products. Andreas will be responsible for vegetable and fruit cultivation, development of the land, and animal husbandry. Together, we will be there for our guests and customers, market our products, and write about our life and what moves us.

In addition to her commercial training, Heike grew up in the rental of vacation apartments and has completed some further education in pastoral accompaniment.

Andreas, who grew up with rabbit breeding, fruit and vegetable cultivation, is, in addition to his profession as an IT professional, consultant, and coach, a trained lay preacher of the Protestant Church, student of educational science, and Protestant theology. Two years ago, he started writing on his blog, BlogAP.

Agape is our guiding principle. Hospitality is our passion. Being a source of inspiration is our mission.

The encounter with nature and the exchange with each other enable inner contemplation, reflection, and contemplation on what is essential.

It is our concern to enable self-determined change for the better by meeting people with hospitality and allowing them to participate in our vision of life.

We look forward to sharing a piece of the journey together, to being together and exchanging ideas. A short distance on which accompaniment, trust, and empowerment can be given space. If one or another guest can continue on as their own mindful and active life designer, it is joy and happiness in our time.

We will introduce guests and interested parties to the life of self-sufficiency with the greatest autonomy, as well as in harmony with nature and our path to get there.

On our website and in the blog, we write and report about ourselves and our work on the land in the Ardèche region.

In everything, we are open to diverse exchange, networking in the region, and practical support.

Additional accompanying projects such as solar power, solar hot water, heat pump, and wind energy will follow in the coming years. With this, we want to achieve as much self-sufficiency as possible.

Jardin de ferme – a project that will challenge us.

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